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ServiceMaster Clean: Bringing More Science To Cleaning and Opportunity For Franchisees


ServiceMaster Clean: Bringing More Science To Cleaning and Opportunity For Franchisees

Ever since the pandemic started its spread, we have seen many businesses that have had to close down. This public health crisis has created an uncertain market, and has imposed definite health concerns to businesses seeking to reopen.

One thing is for sure, in order for businesses to reopen and stay open, they need a solid cleaning and disinfection plan for their workplace.  It is not enough anymore to just dust and clean. It is not even enough to thoroughly disinfect after cleaning. A disinfected surface remains sanitized only until the moment someone else comes into contact with it, whether it be through touch, coughing or sneezing near a surface.

To address the concern for infection risk as businesses return to work, ServiceMaster Clean has developed a comprehensive, science-based cleaning and disinfecting program to provide preventative health and safety services in the workplace.

ServiceMaster Clean Protect-3 AdvanceTM System

ServiceMaster Clean prides itself on being a forward thinking brand. This has led us to develop the Protect-3 AdvanceTM system, and introduce more science to cleaning, to help businesses get back to work, safely.

This innovative, science-based system provides comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting services, including continuous preventative protection, for all types and sizes of facilities. The goal of the program is to offer improved peace of mind for companies, managers, staff and customers, who all want to get back to business in a safe and healthy work environment.

While cleaning and disinfecting is essential in workplaces today, it is also important to assure employees, workplace occupants and customers that everything is being done to protect their health and to keep them safe. Therefore, a crucial feature of PROTECT-3 ADVANCE™ is ATP testing, a technology that measures the amount of organic matter on a surface before and after cleaning and disinfection. ATP monitoring allows our technicians and our customers to see the measurable results of cleaning and disinfecting procedures. ATP has been used in healthcare environments for decades because it validates the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection at a micro level.

From Science to Increased Business

With the launch of this innovative new cleaning system, ServiceMaster Clean expects to see a significant increase in demand for our services. 

If you are looking to purchase a commercial cleaning company or are operating one already, ServiceMaster Clean offers rapid growth and the programs and support you need for success. 

Commercial cleaning will never be the same again and ServiceMaster Clean is leading the industry into a clean, healthy and safe future.